Solar detection collector:

Equipped with solar panels, it can charge solar energy and has a strong battery life.
Number of loaded points: 980 temperature measuring points.
Number of single channel load points: > 360 temperature measurement points
Transmission mode: 485 wired / radio / network transmission
Maximum temperature measurement distance in the laboratory: > 2000m
Sensor support model: DS18B20 ct1820 qt18b20 gx18b20 sht30 integrated board
Communication protocol: user defined wired protocol / user defined wireless protocol / Modbus RTU protocol
Power supply interface: 24V / 5V / 220V
Temperature measurement error: ≤ 0.5 ℃
Temperature measurement range: – 55 ℃ ~ 128 ℃
Humidity error: ≤± 3% RH
Humidity measurement range: 0 ~ 100% RH
Wireless ad hoc network function: can support
Wireless single point transmission distance: 5km (unobstructed, open area)
Wireless error correction: support Lora spread spectrum, forward error correction and error packet retransmission.
Lightning surge protection: > 6kV
Operating temperature: – 30 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Cable number change: it supports one key modification of temperature measurement cable number and layer number, which is convenient for later maintenance.
Output voltage of load port: 5V
Current output capacity: max. 400mA
Communication rate: 9600 / 1200
Drive cable mode: 2-wire system (parasitic mode) / 3-wire system (power supply mode)
Acquisition rate: > 150 points / S (centralized conversion mode) 30 points / S (stable conversion mode)
Address setting: 127 addresses are supported at most