Heavy armored grain bin temperature cable for vertical silo (heavy armored replaceable core grain bin temperature cable (waterproof, explosion-proof)
Basic parameters:
Waterproof and anti fumigation
Tensile strength > 7T
Replaceable inner core
Strong wear-resistant and pressure resistant outer sheath
Outer sheath material: non regenerated high molecular weight polyethylene mixed with self-developed modified additives. It has high temperature resistance, wear resistance, high hardness and high smoothness.
Tensile parameters: ≥ 7T or ≥ 12t (customized version)
Waterproof and anti fumigation: it can sink into water tanks and wells less than 100m. It can effectively prevent moisture from entering and damaging grain bin temperature cables.
Service environment: it is recommended to use at – 50 ℃ – 120 ℃. It can be used in coal warehouse, corn warehouse below 60m, wheat warehouse and other grain warehouses. It can be used in deep-sea water less than 30m, deep water storage tank less than 100m and underground water well.
Temperature measurement range: – 55 ℃ – 128 ℃
Temperature measurement accuracy: ≤ 0.5 ℃
grain bin temperature cable inner core: the whole silicone is poured in and sealed. It can effectively prevent moisture from entering and condensation. The inner core can be extracted.
Temperature measurement chip: 18B20 9. Communication mode: 1-wire
Core color: black is GND (ground wire), and other colors are signal wires.
Working voltage: 0-5.5v
Structural features:
Product tensile strength: the outer sheath is composed of 30 high carbon steel wires. Through special treatment, the stress of each steel wire is uniform. It is different from the straight drawn steel wire of ordinary full package grain bin temperature cable, resulting in excessive stress on one or more steel wires, resulting in local fracture.
Product waterproof treatment: the product is composed of temperature measuring inner core + inner core pipe + tensile steel wire + outer sheath. The inner core is treated with integral pouring waterproof silica gel. It can effectively prevent condensation, water seepage and internal corrosion of the inner core. This technology has been mature and applied to hot springs, water storage tanks, tidal power generation, oil tanks and freezing shafts.
Advantages of product inner core: the whole inner core can be pulled out for easy replacement. The inner core is waterproof as a whole, and the inner core material is resistant to high temperature ≥ 125 ℃. The product inner core can be replaced with other kinds of grain bin temperature cables.
Outer sheath material: the outer sheath material of ordinary grain bin temperature cables in the market is generally polyvinyl chloride or high-pressure polyethylene. The wear resistance is very low. Zs-7 heavy-duty replaceable core grain bin temperature cable uses non regenerated high molecular weight polyethylene with self-developed modified additives. It is protected by high-strength, high wear-resistant high molecular materials. It can be used in wear-resistant areas The high temperature resistance of coal bunker and grain bunker is better than that of ordinary grain bin temperature cable.
Wide application: the product has the advantages of anti-wear, strong tensile resistance, water resistance, high temperature resistance and replaceable inner core. The product is a plastic outer sheath. There are two inner core wires inside. The bottom is treated by injection molding process, and the tail die-casting steel wire ring is convenient for use. The protection grade is ip58. Both the signal inner core and the ground wire inner core use steel wire to transmit signals. N 18b20 temperature transmitters can be built inside Sensor. Double steel wire not only transmits signals, but also takes into account the role of overall tension. The overall shape is flat, the stress area is smaller, and the tensile strength is higher than that of ordinary grain bin temperature cable.
product mix
Signal grain bin temperature cable and temperature measuring element
The default temperature measuring element is 18B20. If you need to customize the thermal resistance and thermocouple for temperature measurement, please explain in advance. The default signal grain bin temperature cable is 0.3 ²* 2 inner cores, two-wire system, or 0.3 ²* Three core three wire system.
Removable sheath
The sheath can be pulled and inserted, which is sealed with integral silica gel, which can prevent moisture from entering the inner core, prevent corrosion and condensation. It can be pulled and inserted for replacement, which is convenient for maintenance.
Inner sheath
The inner sheath is made of high temperature resistant and wear-resistant materials by default. If other materials are required, please customize them in advance. 4. Insert steel wire
The steel wire is composed of 30 single high carbon steels by default. If 20-40t version is required, it can be customized in advance.
The outer sheath of high polymer wear-resistant sheath is “non regenerated high molecular weight polyethylene mixed with self-developed modified additives” by default, which is wear-resistant and high temperature resistant. The cross-linked polyethylene material (for high-voltage line and high temperature resistance) can be customized. Or the outer sheath of ordinary grain bin temperature cable can be customized.