Overview of DS18B20 temperature measurement acquisition module: DS18B20 is a multi-point digital temperature acquisition module. DS18B20 adopts a stronger and beautiful aluminum alloy metal shell and the core processing combination of arm + MCU, which greatly improves the performance and reliability of the module. The product protection design adopts three end isolation protection, namely: isolation protection at the acquisition end, isolation protection at the communication end and isolation protection at the power supply end. DS18B20 module with stronger and more reliable design is adopted, which is more suitable for use in industrial sites with severe conditions. DS18B20 module provides two independent RS485 access ports and one independent network bridge interface at RS485 device end. You can use only one DS18 B20 module to build a centralized monitoring system for remote network monitoring multi-point digital temperature, on-site HMI monitoring temperature data, and remote monitoring of other RS485 devices at the same time. In order to improve the temperature refresh efficiency of digital temperature measurement chip, DS18B20 module adopts dual MCU + arm system. An independent MCU is specially responsible for efficient and high-speed reading of digital temperature measurement chip, while another arm is responsible for data transmission and communication, so as to realize multi-point temperature data acquisition and processing more efficiently.
Relevant parameters:
400 point DS18B20 digital temperature acquisition (American MAXIM-DALLAS company 1-wire bus temperature sensor -) 2 independent data acquisition channels with 5VDC output, and the sensor does not need external power supply
The sensor is simply coded (400) and supports manual and automatic addressing
The distance between temperature measurement channel and w1000 color channel
Communication port: two independent RS485 communication interfaces
Communication protocol: Modbus RTU working voltage: 9-36vdc working range: – 25 ~ 75 ° C shell: aluminum alloy
Installation method: fixed hole & DIN rail installation