Relevant parameters of analog grain bin temperature cable:
Analog line transmits analog signal
Tensile strength > 200kg
Inner wrapped tensile steel wire
Edible grade outer sheath.
Temperature measurement range: – 20 degrees – 50 degrees
It can only be used for temperature measurement in bungalow warehouse.
It is not suitable for long-distance temperature measurement.
The following environments are not recommended:
(1) Scenes with high impact
(2) Scenes with high tensile strength requirements
(3) Completely immersed in water
(4) Occasions with strong electromagnetic interference
(5) Where the temperature is maintained or exceeded 80 ℃ for a long time.
Basic parameter description: 1. grain bin temperature cable insulation outer sheath material: high pressure polyethylene (good compression and wear resistance) or polyvinyl chloride (sun exposure resistance, good bending and ductility)
Temperature measurement chip: 18B20 (DS18B20 / qt18b20 / ct18b20)
Chip temperature measurement range: – 55 ℃ to 125 ℃
Recommended service environment of grain bin temperature cable: – 50 ℃ to 85 ℃
Chip acquisition mode: two wire system (parasitic mode) or customized three wire system (power supply mode)
grain bin temperature cable waterproof grade: ip58
grain bin temperature cable anti gas: it can prevent fumigation corrosion.
Inner core wire: 0.3 ²
Core color: black wire is GND wire, and other colors are DQ wire.
grain bin temperature cable number: the sorting value in th (grain bin temperature cable number storage) and TL (layer number storage) memory can be customized.
Structural features: This product is a plastic outer sheath. There are three inner cores inside. The bottom end is treated with injection molding process, and the tail die-casting steel wire ring is convenient to use.
The protection grade is ip58. The signal inner core and the ground wire inner core use twisted pair processing to effectively offset the external electromagnetic interference and the mutual interference of internal signals. N 18b20 temperature sensors can be built in.
The black core is the ground wire. Please connect it with the ground wire of the acquisition equipment. The other color is the signal wire, which is connected with the DQ wire of the equipment, and the other is the tensile steel wire.
Connect with the upper communication line. In order to ensure the communication quality, the inner diameter of the core of the communication grain bin temperature cable shall not be less than 0.2mm ²。 0.5mm is recommended for long-distance communication ² Twisted pair as extended communication grain bin temperature cable