PC monitoring version is to collect the temperature in the silo by wireless.The temperature of silos is displayed graphically on the PC. It can store temperature data for more than 3 years / monitored regularly / can show high and low temperature / graphically display the historical temperature / draw temperature-time curve / export historical temperature data to excel.


  • Graphical show
  • Set high and low temp threshold
  • Store temp data for 3 years
  • Unattended / automatically store data
  • No communication cable is required. wireless is sent to the office
  • Unlimited number of sensors

Graphical show

Each sensor is displayed on the temperature display page. Can set high and low temp threshold. Each sensor displays different colors at different temperatures. User can quickly find the sensor position at high or highe temperature.

Historical Temperature

The temperature data of each sensor will be stored in the database (the storage interval can be adjusted to 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours). It can easily and quickly view the historical silo temperature in the way of graphic display.

Curve diagram

PC monitoring version can draw the temperature curve of all sensors of a single cable / Average temperature curve of single silo / Curves of all sensors at each level. User can move the mouse to any place to view the current specific temperature data. Convenient for user to trace the quality of grain.

Temperature collector

The temperature collector uses MODBUS-RTU communication protocol and has two 485 interfaces. While monitoring by PC, can access the temperature data to PLC, configuration screen or configuration software. Our wireless can send temperature data over 5KM to the office by wireless way.

   CLOUD monitoring VERSION is an upgraded version of PC monitoring version. You only need to add 400usd to enjoy all the functions. It can view the temperature of silo anywhere in the world. It has two ways: mobile app viewing and website viewing. It has branch office structure. If user have a head office account, you can view the real-time temperature and historical temperature data of each branch.


  • Graphical show
  • Historical data over 6 months
  • Check temperature anytime, anywhere
  • Branch office structure
  • Android app or website two viewing methods

Management Map

For multiple site’s user, CYTC CLOUD web-based platform shows the management map, user could check any site status in user’s sites list even the site locates in different countries.

Instant Data

At instant data page, user can get the latest temperature data with last update time tag. The background with blue would be filled in the table that stands for the stored grain level.

Cloud Alerts

User can set over temperature alert for any of the sensor in the site. Just key in your email address or phone number, user will be notified at the first moment when grain temperature is over the user’s setting.

Historical Temperature

For a manager, we also provide the function with historical data plot. The data time interval of historical data plot would be set dynamically according to user’s selecting period. User can move on the each of curve, and the historical temperature and time would be shown on the top.

  CONTROL version is a complete management solution for protecting user's grain 24 hours a day. According to the grain level and setting, CYTC Control would turn on/off the corresponding equipment (air conditioner or fan) automatically at the right time. On the home page, user can realize which silo is cooling or ventilating with our specific icon. Moreover, user even can customize period for auto controlling.


  • Complete management solution
  • Customized management period
  • Protect grain 24/7
  • Clear & Simple icon

Specific icon

When over temperature, condensation is occurring in the silo, there appears the corresponding icons on the home page. Under auto mode, user can realize which silo is over temperature and is cooling at a glance.

Customizable Control Time

User can set their prefer period to enable the auto control mode. Through this way, user can balance their cost and keep their grain safe simultaneously.

Customizable Moisture Content

In the CYTC CONTROL, user can set the moisture content(MC) and temperature threshold. Air conditioner would be assigned humidity to adjust moisture content according to the parameter.

Flexible system configuration

Even user has multiple sets of cooling equipment, CYTC CONTROL can manage groups of air conditioners and fans at one time. User also can exclude the specific silo/bin in control list.

  Digital grain bin Temperature Cable Digital grain bin temperature cable (DTC) has a casing with strong strength and wear resistance, and can be used in silos and bins for a long time without damage. The DTC housing is specially designed to be fully explosion-proof, dust-proof and rain-proof. Users can easily replace the damaged sensor's inner tube even if the cable is buried in particles. The standard spacing of the DTC is 1.5 meters, or sensor spacing can be determined according to user requirements. The temperature range of DTC sensor is from -10°C to +85°C, and the temperature measurement is accurate to ±0.5°C to ensure the temperature measurement accuracy of silo

Advantages of cable

  • Dustproof, waterproof, high temperature resistant
  • Easy sensor replacement
  • Replaceable inner core and other advantages
  • Free calibration for life

Cable Specification

  • Number of Sensors : 1-70
  • Sensor Spacing : Customized ((standard 1.5m)
  • Tensile Strength : ≤ 7T
  • Temperature Accuracy : ± 0.5 °C